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Kings Sutton Therapy Day


Join us at this event and you can experience a host of Natural & Complimentary therapies. that are either FREE or at a reduced cost.......

Aromatherapy & Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of organic essences from aromatic plants and flowers and can be traced back as far as 3500BC.....


Choosing a Crystal or Healing Stone


People often come to crystals on the recommendations of friends....

  BioEnergiser d-tox spa system : Sue on 07808 267060.

BioEnergiser d-tox spa system
There are many text book examples of how we should live our lives or at least improve the way we live our lives, it seems we are not performing this task effectively.

Often we do not realise this until it is too late.  Our immune system breaks down and we become ill, in one or more of many ways.  With health, diet and lifestyle being scrutinised even more now than eve, it si clearly apparent from many areas of research that our body needs assistance to function efficiently and effectively within the environment that we now in and are largely responsible for.

Our ideal environment would be harmonious, stress and pollution free.  We would all benefit from a good, natural balanced, diet with food containing no additives or have been processed in any way.  Clearly we do not live like this.
Modern lifestyle takes its toll on your body more so than you realise.  This becomes particularly apparent when examining the balance of BioEnergy in your body’s cells.

When your cells are functioning correctly they allow vital nutrients to be absorbed into your body, which in turn results in elimination of unwanted toxins.
Your cells BioEnergy can also be unbalanced by:

  • Poor diets – food additives, processed foods etc.
  • Drugs and anaesthetics
  • Illness and disease
  • Stress and worry
  • A lack of fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Smoking
  • Little or nor regular exercise
  • Alcohol

Any of these can cause poor nutritional absorption which will in turn, stop the cells from functioning correctly resulting in the inability to rid the body of unwanted toxins.  Excessive toxins have many adverse effects on the body, which can include:

  • Bad skin, blemished or congested
  • Colds, flu and sinus problems
  • Lethargy and tiredness
  • Headaches and migraines
  • Breath and body odour.

How BioEnergiser works
The BioEnergiser is a relaxing 30 minute treatment that involves placing your feet into a spa bowl filled with warm salted water.  The energising cartridge delivers a unique patented pulsed charge into the water.  The micro charge starts an electrolytic process, which in turn creates magnetic field charging ions present in the spa bowl.

Magnetic therapy is said to have a soothing effect on cells, tissue and nerves when applied to an affected part of the body.  This can lessen pain, soreness, stiffness and swelling, Magnetic therapy acts to improve circulation, increase temperature and therefore relax muscle tissue.

We know that the body and organs are made up of a collection of cells and tissues.  Body fluids contain a collection of positively and negatively charged ions.  When we are unwell this is usually due to a toxic build up and our body organs do not function correctly.  By introducing charged ions we increase blood flow and renew our equilibrium to maintain optimum health. 
The BioEnergiser has been used in clinical trials for conditions notably Psoriasis, eczema, Oedema, Hyper Hydrosis (sweaty hands and feet) and Lymphatic Gland Drainage.  All of which has seen positive treatment responses ranging form 70-95%.

For more information or to book a treatment contact Sue Ponting on 07808 267060 or via the contact page.

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