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Kings Sutton Therapy Day


Join us at this event and you can experience a host of Natural & Complimentary therapies. that are either FREE or at a reduced cost.......

Aromatherapy & Massage

Aromatherapy is the use of organic essences from aromatic plants and flowers and can be traced back as far as 3500BC.....


Choosing a Crystal or Healing Stone


People often come to crystals on the recommendations of friends....



Reiki (Usui System)

Reiki is an ancient form of natural healing that dates back more than 3000 Years. It does not involve drugs or potions or a belief for you to benefit from it.

Reiki is a gentle form of natural healing. It is a most beneficial form of complimentary therapy and can be used in conjunction with all other therapies and orthodox medicines.

Reiki energy will assist in the healing of all physical and metaphysical illnesses. Pains from physical injuries have been known to heal in minutes.

Reiki is very good for most injuries and illnesses, especially rheumatism, asthma, back pain, long term injuries and stress.

The Reiki energy is an intelligent energy. It will flow to the part of the body where it is most needed.

As each of us is different so the Reiki energy adjusts itself to each individual. Each client will receive just the right amount of energy for them.

In fact you do not have to be ill to benefit from the Reiki energy. You can enjoy it anytime just for the peace and relaxation it gives you.

Reiki is a wonderful experience-Enjoy it!

What to expect during your Reiki healing Experience

If you would like a friend to be present during your treatment, please feel free to bring someone along with you. This in no way affects the Reiki treatment. A Reiki treatment is performed while you are fully clothed.

Reiki energy is passed through the Practitioner to the client, by the practitioner placing their hands on or around the client’s body. BODY PRIVICY IS RESPECTED AT ALL TIMES

Before the practitioner begins, he or she may ask you questions about your condition. Please feel free to ask questions in return. Your practitioner will explain the hand positions. To begin with the practitioner may scan you; this is done by moving his/her hands around your body a little distance away. By doing this they are passing their hands through your Aura.

The Aura is the area of energy that surrounds your physical body. If you would like to know more then please ask your practitioner.

While you are receiving the Reiki energy you may feel different sensations, heat, and tingling, hot or cold patches. All these feelings are right; no one client experiences the same feeling. You, in fact, may feel something totally different.

Also while the Reiki energy is flowing it is quite common for your body to jerk involuntary or for your tummy to rumble. This also applies

 to the practitioner-so please do not be embarrassed-this is normal.
Sometimes, if you are suffering from pain, during a treatment or even afterwards it may increase. However this is another normal reaction. It does not mean that the REIKI energy is harming you, but that the healing process is being accelerated.

At the end of a treatment if you have not felt anything it does not mean that you have not received Reiki, only that you have not felt it. This is not an excuse-on some rare occasions nothing is felt.


As everyone is different, so we all experience a Reiki treatment differently. The most common feelings afterwards are total relaxation, absence of pain, elation, light headed-ness, happy confusion, and tingling.
A lot of people find that the night after a Reiki treatment is the best night's sleep they have had in a long while.

The Reiki energy will stay with you for a few days after, and you will feel sensations similar to those felt in the treatment. This is normal as the energy is helping you to help yourself.

Receiving Reiki energy starts a detoxification process, which helps to remove blockages and toxins that have built up in our system. Sometimes this will appear as a slight headache, cold like symptoms, crying or laughter, tiredness or even frequent trips to the toilet. Please do drink plenty of water during this time as this also helps to flush out the system.

Further Visits

Sometimes one visit is enough for a person to feel better, sometimes not; it will depend on your condition and how you feel. Please discuss your treatment programme with your practitioner.
For more information contact Sue Ponting, Reiki Master, ITEC, MCThA, C&G on 07808 267060 or click here for information on Reiki training courses.

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